Fence and Miter Gauge

Ripping lumber is the basic job of a table saw and a fence is required in order to rip wood to the necessary width. The fence is also one of the most important components of the best table saw for woodworking, and you need to learn much about it to choose the right fence for your need. Another important aspect that the table saw is equally committed to do is making cross-cuts as well as other complex cuts. For this purpose, a miter gauge is used to make angled and compound cuts on the lumbar. Let’s learn about everything there is to know about the fences and miter gauges to help you choose the best portable table saw for your need. You can read about the best table saw in the market online by searching for table saw reviews.

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The Fence

Along with the blade and the engine, another crucial component that every table saw has is the fence. It is this fence that allows the saw to make precise rip cuts. In general, table saw manufacturers tend to use only a particular type of fence. However there are a couple of characteristics that you will have to look for in a fence before settling in. The fence of the best table saw should give way for hassle-free and easy adjustments both vertically and horizontally. It should also be seated comfortably and firmly on the rail such that there is no room from wiggling apart from the necessary sliding during the operation.

In case you experience any type of resistance when you are moving the fence, you should apply some lubrication agent such as wax on it. In some cases, stock or factory gauges are made poorly and this can be corrected by getting oneself an aftermarket miter gauge. But if you buy a table saw which has a bad fence that is not fixed, you will not be able to do your job well and it might even prove to be dangerous to the person who is woodworking.

The most famous type of fence that is used today is the Biesenmeyer Commercial T-Square fence which is a very popular choice of device present in the best portable table saw and you can read more about it in the table saw reviews. In many cases offshoot of the same design and manufacturer’s copies are also used. This is because this design is easy to operate and adjust. It is also made of welded steel and will always work in the right manner. However, some differences are noticed between the T-square fences. The best table saw uses bolts that are typically otherwise found in contractor and hybrid saws that are usually found in the lighter duty fences. On the other hand, the fence tube will be welded to T-square head in the heavy-duty fences.

Miter Gauge

The miter gauge is typically a guiding device found in the saws miter slot. The important part of the miter gauge is the half-moon piece that pivots about the connecting point to the guide. You will be able to use any angle from -45 degrees to 45 degrees with the help of the locking mechanism. While using angled cuts, all you have to do is place the sheet in the same line as that of the miter gauge’s straight part and move it towards the blade, together. The angled cut is made by the best portable table saw with the help of the pivoting part of the miter gauge.

The best table saw has miter gauges which provide more options than the rip cuts that are made with the help of fences. You can make angled as well as square cross-cuts along with other cuts. You will have to slide the miter gauge in your direction and place the board against the gauge to make a cross-cut. In order to make the cross-cut, you will first have to pencil the line and then align it with the blade. Make sure that the board is placed firmly and then turn on the saw and guide the gauge forward to make the cut.

The square cross-cut is the simplest cut made by the miter gauge and suits best table saw for hobbyists. It is made by setting the miter gauge at zero or at 90 degrees and the pushing the board in the direction of the blade. The end product will be a square cut. It also makes an angled cut for angles up to 45 degrees. When using the miter gauge, you should move the wood at a slower pace than you normally world so that it does not move out of place. A clamp is used to make sure that it does not happen. It is also possible to make compound cuts with the help of miter gauge. This is done by setting the miter gauge at the angle required while setting the bevel at the same time.

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Bottom Line

On the whole there is not much to making compound, cross or rip cuts. Using the miter gauge and fence can be mastered within a matter of time. However, though it is easy to get the hang of it, if you become complacent when using the tool, it might endanger your life. When handling woodworking table saws always remember that you are handling a device which consists of a very sharp and powerful blade that spins at many thousand rpm and losing control over it is the last thing you want to happen.

The best table saw for woodworking will have all the essential safety measures to make sure that the woodworking table saws do not cause any harm to you. You can also look for best table saw for hobbyist if you are passionate about DIY table saws.


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